Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2013-02-24

  • RT @petetrainor: My useful site of the week from @thomas_moeller – I don't know how it escaped me until now. Pu … #
  • RT @antimega: Can't help thinking that Google are making perfect devices for Google employees. #
  • RT @NeinQuarterly: Let's review: "What the fuck?" is a research question. "This is the fuck" is a thesis. #
  • They put a full featured OS on phones and tablets. And a stand-alone web browser on desktop machines. How does this make sense? #
  • I seriously don't get where Google is going with Chromebooks. Does anyone actually buy these things? #
  • "[…] touch input we really wanted to do b/c, these days, all these devices have touch control." IS THIS FOR REAL? #
  • RT @rortybomb: Is the NYC metrocard system now running under Marx's labor theory of value? #
  • RT @mattyglesias: It’s not anecdotal evidence, it’s artisanal data. #
  • RT @Ronin_Jim: @TomChivers To an engineer, the glass is neither half full nor half empty, it's twice the necessary capacity #
  • RT @tom_hartley: Job interview:

    "What's your greatest weakness?"


    "I don't think honesty is a weakness.

    "I don't give a f* … #

  • RT @aza: As a software guy, I'm a bit envious of the fixed constraints of hardware. It provides a structured and verdant box to think in … #
  • RT @lonelysandwich: Google Glasses: Like a handsfree Segway for your face! #
  • RT @GammaCounter: Someone chiseled a Banksy design off a London wall, and now it's in Miami being auctioned. via @d#
  • RT @odannyboy: I’m surprised Google didn’t have people bullfighting or scuba diving in that Glass movie. #
  • RT @atduskgreg: I don’t know about it as a computer interface, but Google Glass is certainly an interesting camera: #
  • RT @tcarmody: I think about Google Glass all the time. What if it becomes the future of technology, but I HATE IT? Or what if it fails, … #
  • RT @iamdanw: The winner of the Google Glass hackday was an app that blurs the faces of non-single people by looking up relationship stat … #
  • RT @paleofuture: Google Glass is so futuristic it's like wearing a Segway on your face #
  • RT @mims: Today I coined the term "face-based computing." Some precedents, all with a different usage. Spread the word. #
  • RT @iamdanw: Tattoo this fiducial marker on your face to opt out of being recorded by google glass #
  • RT @khoi: Enjoy this lovely color palette generated from your IP address. #
  • RT @richardcobbett: PS4 Rumour: The controller will have a touchpad, but not for games. Brushing it makes the console laugh as if tickle … #
  • RT @dcurtis: A bicycle for the mind. #

  • RT @iansteadman: One of the most hilarious dystopian things I've seen RT @immolations: so this is a thing sony actually patented… http … #
  • RT @MrAlanCooper: I used to have a different name for "microinteractions." I called them, "interactions." #
  • RT @aoverholtzer: With Safari for iOS, it’s just four easy taps to save to @Instapaper: Send To → Cancel → Bookmarks → Read Later. #
  • RT @kcimc: alexp of ps3eye-hacking and kinect-ransoming fame has started an ambiguously "open" @leapmotion competitor #
  • RT @InfamousP: Dave Chappelle is a prophet. Mind = blown #
  • RT @globalmoxie: How big should touch targets be? Microsoft study: 7mm good, 9mm to be safe. #aeaatl #
  • RT @odannyboy: 20. A bad design with a good presentation is doomed eventually. A good design with a bad presentation is doomed immediate … #
  • RT @rstevens: If God is real, why the hell do I have to kern everything? #

Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2013-02-17

Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-12-23

  • RT @tomcoates: You know this whole Mayan thing has made me think to myself that maybe ancient religions might actually be a bit full of … #
  • RT @howells: Instagram photo of Street View car: Street View photo of Instagrammar – #
  • RT @xeni: Instagram is selling your nail art & food porn pix to buy meth for Taliban abortion clinics on Mars & there’s fuck-all … #
  • I guess as long as your users are complaining about your online platform *on* your online platform you're golden. #
  • RT @dcurtis: Asked someone why he doesn't turn on battery percentage in iOS. He said, "Because it makes the battery drain faster."

    Psy … #

  • RT @GreatDismal: We quite naturally love it when we can manifest personal agency at a distance. The fun of shooting, right there. #
  • RT @GreatDismal: "Gun-agency": A gun exponentially extends personal physical agency. A force-localizer that can manifest across a room o … #

Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-12-09