Recommended Reading: Mobile, smartphones and hindsight — Benedict Evans

I just read and enjoyed this:

This evening I’m flying towards Barcelona for this year’s MWC, the main annual mobile industry conference. I’ve been going since 2001, on and off, when it was in (cold, rainy) Cannes and a tenth of the size – last year there were 85,000 people.

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Into the Badlands Season 1


A skilled martial artist in the service of a powerful warlord rescues a teenage boy who turns out to harbor a dark and mysterious power in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi future. Decent production values, over-the-top world building and a healthy dose of action and violence – of course I enjoyed this.


Desktop Neo

Desktop Neo is a user interface concept developed by Lennart Ziburski, a design student from Berlin.

While it’s impossible to properly assess the day-to-day practicality and long-term usability of a desktop environment without actually using it, there are a number of interesting ideas packed into this concept. The window management is reminiscent of the new iPad multitasking features or the tiles in Windows 8, but well thought out. Other parts such as App Control and Tags seem like mild iterations on concepts already present in Mac OS X, but I was particularly  impressed by the ideas surrounding gaze detection and how to incorporate it into a desktop computing environment seamlessly.

Recommended Reading: When It Comes to UX Design, Simplicity Is Overrated

I just read and enjoyed this:

Is simplicity a real thing? Or is design the pursuit of something else entirely? A Logic 101 professor once explained to the class I was in that a major factor in screaming matches between people is the lack of a shared definition of a key term. “Clean,” for example, can be measured in degrees.

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Recommended Reading: The Sad State of Web Development — Medium

I just read and enjoyed this:

2015 is when web development went to shit. Web development used to be nice. You could fire up a text editor and start creating JS and CSS files. You can absolutely still do this. That has not changed. So yes, everything I’m about to say can be invalidated by saying that.

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Recommended Reading: 16 mobile theses — Benedict Evans

I just read and enjoyed this:

We’re now coming up to 9 years since the launch of the iPhone kicked off the smartphone revolution, and some of the first phases are over – Apple and Google both won the platform war, mostly, Facebook made the transition, mostly, and it’s now perfectly clear that mobile is the future of technology and of the internet.

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