Recommended Reading: When It Comes to UX Design, Simplicity Is Overrated

I just read and enjoyed this:

Is simplicity a real thing? Or is design the pursuit of something else entirely? A Logic 101 professor once explained to the class I was in that a major factor in screaming matches between people is the lack of a shared definition of a key term. “Clean,” for example, can be measured in degrees.

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Recommended Reading: The Sad State of Web Development — Medium

I just read and enjoyed this:

2015 is when web development went to shit. Web development used to be nice. You could fire up a text editor and start creating JS and CSS files. You can absolutely still do this. That has not changed. So yes, everything I’m about to say can be invalidated by saying that.

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Recommended Reading: 16 mobile theses — Benedict Evans

I just read and enjoyed this:

We’re now coming up to 9 years since the launch of the iPhone kicked off the smartphone revolution, and some of the first phases are over – Apple and Google both won the platform war, mostly, Facebook made the transition, mostly, and it’s now perfectly clear that mobile is the future of technology and of the internet.

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Recommended Reading: Mobile, ecosystems and the death of PCs — Benedict Evans

I just read and enjoyed this:

One of the ways that tech progresses is in generational changes in scale. We had mainframes, then minicomputers, then workstations and PCs, and now mobile, and each generation brings a step change in scale. That scale means that it becomes the new ecosystem and the new centre for innovation.

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From Scratch

“Left to his own devices he couldn’t build a toaster. He could just about make a sandwich and that was it.”

– Mostly Harmless, Douglas Adams, 1992

Andy George spent six months of his life and $ 1500 to make a sandwich “from scratch”, growing a garden, producing salt from ocean water, making cheese and killing a chicken:

This project immediately reminded me of The Toaster Project, which I encountered at Ars Electronica 2010 (I can’t believe that was five years ago, it seems as if it was yesterday and a lifetime away at the same time): Thomas Thwaites spent nine months and £ 1187.54 to make his own toaster, “a product that Argos sells for only £3.99”. The Ars Electronica curators put it rather well: A project that “exposes the fallacy in a return to some romantic ideal of a pre-industrialized time”.

Flat Design? Destroying Apple’s Legacy… or Saving It

I very much enjoyed this post by Amy Hoy on recent design trends in Apple’s products. Choice quote:

Minimalism in software is achieved by simplifying feature sets, not stripping away pixels.

In software, affordances are everything. And all affordances are made of pixels. It’s not minimalism to rip away the very things your users need.

It’s sadism.

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