Another Treo 270 review

Another treo 270 review, this time @infosync.


Sony NZ90-PDA featuring 2 megapixel digicam

After sony announced the nx7ov last fall, there’s already a successor for it: the sony nz90. Its featureset is really impressive: palmos 5, 200mhz xscale cpu, 16 mb ram, 320×480 screen with virtual graffiti, integrated bluetooth and a 2 megapixel digicam!!! Supposed to ship for $800, additional coverage @infosync and pic.

New PocketPC phones

Two new pocketpc phones are showcased @pocketpcthoughts. Till now i didn’t consider a pocketpc phone edition device as successor to my beloved s45/visor edge combo (would have rather gone with nokia 3650 or se p800), but those two caught my attention, especially the hitachi: with its built-in thumbboard and digicam i already love it. Now the only prob is that i need a gsm- rather than a cdma-version.

Apple starts charging for iApps

According to cnet, apple will announce upgrade fees for three of their iapps (imovie, idvd, iphoto) on macworld. It reminded me of a post on some blog (can’t remember which one) claiming that apple makes enough money in hardware that they can give its software away for free. Some might consider this another step towards an x86-port of macosx, with apple trying to open new sources of income (don’t forget the windows-compatible ipod!), but i won’t believe that until steve jobs himself announces it.