Going on vacation

Though posting was light in february i have to announce that i can’t update the site for the next three days because i’m going on vacation. Expect new posts on tuesday/wednesday next week.


infoSync reviews SonyEricsson P800

Very detailed review of the sonyericsson p800 smartphone. In short they like it except for usability issues, the ms duo and slow sync (last one is typical for symbian devices).

Rumoured Siemens Series60 Smartphone: SX1

Actually, i think that this pic is a fake. But if, by any chance, this is real i wonder why no manufacturer wants to release a series60-device with a standard keypad. First the 3650, now this phone/fake. Nobody wants those weirdo-keypads so why do they keep sticking them into high-tech smartphones?

Site moved!

No posting in the last two weeks, but it’s not like i lost interest: i finally got a new provider and this site finally got its own domain! I had several problems getting the site up and running over the last week (domain forwarding was tricky!), but now everything should work fine (at least i hope so).
From now on you can find this site @http://www.engadgeted.net!

New Sony T-Series model

New sony peg-tg50 was revealed thanks to the fcc. Little is known, but it will feature integrated bluetooth and a thumbboard. I really like its look and i like its thumbboard even more. Too bad i’m all into smartphones now…

Siemens introduces new productline for fashion victims

New xelibri fashion phones by siemens try a completely different approach to mobile phone design. They are supposed to offer just a very basic featureset and will be offered through new distributionchannels like fashion stores. There’ll be two collections per year (spring/summer and fall/winter) and each collection will consist of four designs.
I really like that approach to mobile phones, given that they are affordable, but considering the small featureset (supposedly just voice service, nothing else) and that there won’t be many feature upgrades over the years, they could be very low priced.