Siemens introduces new productline for fashion victims

New xelibri fashion phones by siemens try a completely different approach to mobile phone design. They are supposed to offer just a very basic featureset and will be offered through new distributionchannels like fashion stores. There’ll be two collections per year (spring/summer and fall/winter) and each collection will consist of four designs.
I really like that approach to mobile phones, given that they are affordable, but considering the small featureset (supposedly just voice service, nothing else) and that there won’t be many feature upgrades over the years, they could be very low priced.


Palm drops Graffiti

Palm is going to drop graffiti and switch to something called graffiti 2 powered by jot because of legal issues. I personnaly will miss graffiti cause it worked pretty well for me. Read more @brighthand.

More about new powerbooks

Yesterdays post on the new powerbooks was a good start, but i still think that macworld coverage was far too poor on this site and although it is a little late i’ll try to give some more resources on the new powerbooks (imho the highlight of mwsf03) @ny times and cnet. I don’t really know why everyones so excited about the 17″ pb rather than the 12″, am i missing something there? I always thought the powerbook-sub were the big news… btw, don’t miss this wonderful powerbook ad and this interesting news about ipod-thieves @wired.

Apples new Powerbooks (12″ & 17″)

I can’t believe i didn’t comment on apples new powerbooks yet, but i suppose i was just too surprised. I remember i went out with a friend on the day of steve jobs mwsf keynote. He recently purchased a shiny new 15″ powerbook and we were both very excited, so i kept checking back the apple-site on my visor regularly and when the news finally hit me, i didn’t really know what to think about those two new powerbooks, featuring a 12″ and a 17″ screen. I had really hoped that apple would announce a tablet that day, so i was rather disappointed in the first place. But after closer consideration i have to say that it was imho a smart move: apple had no professional subnotebook, but only a great consumer-sub with its ibook. Let’s hope that they can attract people looking for a powerful sub with their new 12″ powerbook. I still don’t know what to think of the new 17″ powerbook, but it simply feels wrong to me to build notebooks with 17″ screen (and i don’t think that i’m alone, all people i told about thought that it’s insane). On the other hand, apple managed to keep the weight of it bearable (6.8 lbs), considering the weight of several less feature-ladden windows-laptops. I just can’t figure out their targetbuyer group for that device: as a graphics designer or deverloper i would rather go with a much more powerful (and much cheaper!) powermac, as a corporate user i would go with the slim and lightweight 12″ powerbook and as a consumer i wouldn’t spend $3299 for a desktop-replacement laptop.