I hear voices…

Simply love it. That’s the way a bt-headset should look like, too bad my new cellphone doesn’t support bt audio profile.


Siemens officially announces SX1 Smartphone

Siemens officially announced the sx1 smartphone based on symbian os and nokias series60. There’s already a lot of coverage with nice pictures @aas, @infosync, @mobile burn and @club siemens (club siemens also got a gallery online).
I personaly love this phone. It looks great, it’s lightweight and even siemens’ menudesign looks much better than nokias. But i’m still quite happy with my 7650; let’s see how long it lasts…
update: i just noticed that club siemens claims that the sx1 got 24mb internal memory… now i’m really jealous 😦
update #2: Now howard chui also features the sx1.

Sony Ericsson go 3G

Sony ericsson announce their first 3g device, the z1010. It features a
clamshell design and two(!) digicams, one on the outside for taking photographs and one on the inside for video conferencing. I wonder if this is uiq or not? However, i’m impressed. Read on @infosync
and @mobile burn.

3GSM World Congress Cannes 2003…

…roundup @brighthand.
This sentence (describing a smartphone reference design by ms and intel) caught my attention: "They created this design so OEMs could more easily design smartphones using this hardware and software. The companies can then concentrate on customizing the basic design." Imho this translates into "We wanna build all phones but manufacturers can buy the right to paint the casing." No wonder sendo quitted ms.
…coverage @ppc
…news-flood @aas: new reference designs by motorola/symbian and
; nokia and se unite software development platforms.
…great coverage @phonescoop; too bad i couldn’t find any permalinks there, you might have to search their archives to get the 3gsm-news.

Additional coverage…

…on the sony tg50 (mentioned
here) @pic
and @brighthand.
The more i read about it, the more i love it. If it really runs palm os 5 this
will certainly be a tungsten t-killer. Imho the tg50 is the most interesting
device since the nr70v, another brilliant sony-pda. No, i’m not biased, actually
i never owned a sony-pda, but this company really keeps things moving in the pda
…on the siemens sx1 (mentioned
here) @mobile
. I wouldn’t call mobile burn a trusted source, but usually they aren’t
completely wrong either; i still don’t get why nobody wants to build
series60-devices with suitable keypads…
…on the motorola a760 (mentioned
here) @brighthand,
@infosync and @mobile
. I still have no clue what to think about this one.
…on siemens’ xelibri fashion-phones (mentioned
here) @mobile
: they report that the first collection of four phones can be preordered
here. I somehow like #3 ’cause it’s small
and i like the idea of a totally voice-controlled cellphone, but with a price of
Ôø?399? Forget it.