Sony NZ90-PDA featuring 2 megapixel digicam

After sony announced the nx7ov last fall, there’s already a successor for it: the sony nz90. Its featureset is really impressive: palmos 5, 200mhz xscale cpu, 16 mb ram, 320×480 screen with virtual graffiti, integrated bluetooth and a 2 megapixel digicam!!! Supposed to ship for $800, additional coverage @infosync and pic.

New PocketPC phones

Two new pocketpc phones are showcased @pocketpcthoughts. Till now i didn’t consider a pocketpc phone edition device as successor to my beloved s45/visor edge combo (would have rather gone with nokia 3650 or se p800), but those two caught my attention, especially the hitachi: with its built-in thumbboard and digicam i already love it. Now the only prob is that i need a gsm- rather than a cdma-version.