In Praise of Boring Design

I just read and enjoyed this:

Design-system builders should resist the lure of the new. Don’t confuse design-system work with a rebrand or a tech-stack overhaul. The system’s design patterns should be familiar, even boring.

The job is not to invent, but to curate.

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Reminds me of a great article by Cap Watkins from a few years back (that for some reason I haven’t linked to before) about the boring designer:

The boring designer realizes that the glory isn’t in putting their personal stamp on everything they touch. In fact, most of the time, it’s about leaving no trace of themselves. The boring designer loves consistency. The boring designer loves a style guide. They love not having to worry about choosing the wrong blue or accidentally introducing a new pattern.

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Recommended Reading: Princeton researchers discover why AI become racist and sexist

I just read and enjoyed this:

Ever since Microsoft’s chatbot Tay started spouting racist commentary after 24 hours of interacting with humans on Twitter, it has been obvious that our AI creations can fall prey to human prejudice. Now a group of researchers has figured out one reason why that happens.

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Recommended Reading: Gravity

I just read and enjoyed this:

Apple is doomed. So are you. As mortals we are used to the idea of death. We do not dwell on it even though it’s inevitable. We do know that we’ll die but what we don’t know is when we’ll die. That certainty/uncertainty makes us, more or less, do everything that we do. And so we carry on.

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Recommended Reading: Messages on iOS 10: Better features, worse usability

I just read and enjoyed this:

 Apple has packed tons of fun things into Messages in iOS 10—but the interface itself has broken down. No, Messages isn’t as inscrutable as Snapchat, but it’s not what I’d call a well-designed app. It’s an app that’s full of features, but too many features are impossible to discover. Overall, Messages for iOS 10 is just way too complicated.

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Recommended Reading: My Windows Rumspringa

I just read and enjoyed this:

If MacOS is trying very hard to hide a man behind a curtain, Windows 10 is handing out “You’re In Oz Now, Motherfucker” T-shirts. Hit the Start button — it might be the Windows button now, I’m not sure — and a wall of animated “Live Tiles” appear alongside the names and perfectly square program icons. One tile is advertising some software to buy. Another is showing Ed Sheeran doing something on Twitter.

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