Mozart in a tin can

Sony’s working on artificial intelligence technology capable of composing music. Considering the imho steady decrease of innovation and quality in the music business and the threats of modern drm-systems, this sounds really interesting. Don’t purchase music, just buy this program and enjoy countless hours of “original” music. On the other hand i fear tv-shows featuring competing software programs in their struggle for a contract with some major record label.

A small improvement

I know that the scripts powering this site are far from being perfect, but today i added a feature that really missed: permalinks! You can get the link to one specific entry by clicking on its title. Best thing was it took less than five minutes to code. I really don’t know why i didn’t come up with it earlier. I hope to include some rss-feed next, let’s see if it takes me less than a month to start with the work this time…

The Tablet Diaries

I stumbled across a series of interesting articles @pdantic called the tablet diaries (part 1 and part 2 are already up). I can’t remember how i got there exactly, but i think via tabletpctalk. And yes, i know i ripped off their title, but i really like it and couldn’t come up with anything better.

Most stylish PDA ever?

Gizmodo mentions that dan gillmore predicts a pda from apple in 2003. I don’t think that this is gonna happen and consider those predictions nothing more than wild dreams (although i would love one, too). But the last sentence really caught my attention: “…, expect Apple to come out with the best designed and most stylish PDA ever.”
My first thought was that it’s simply impossible to beat the palm v design, but then i tried to imagine how great it would be if apple managed to create a better design anyway. That would be an eyecatcher! Now my desire for an apple pda is greater than ever.

Fortune telling time!

First, Brighthand’s predictions for 2003 are up! I especially like their thoughts on pocketpcs, cause i really hope their xp-instead-of-ce-predictions will come true sooner than later. If linux performs so well on xscale (as seen on sharps zaurus), why shouldn’t windows? With 400 mhz cpus, 64 mb ram and high-res screens those could place very well among the low-weight, high batterylife, ultramobile tabletpc-sector.
Second, the feature is looking ahead to 2003. Rather market-centered, but worth a read.
Third you can enjoy Mike Cane’s 2003 Palm OS Predictions @PIC. I personally only consider prediction #4, #8 and #11 realistic, but imho a true global palmos device as mentioned in #11 is not really desirable or necessary, just a waste of precious memory.
Perhaps i should boot up my crystalball, too, and share my thoughts, hopes and desires for 2003.

OQO anywhere?

There’s a nice article on the oqo and ibm’s mobile computer core concept @brighthand. Imho those designs are very promising and i would love to see them pop up soon. Perhaps with broader acceptance of the tablet concept they could really get a boost, since tablets are more or less aiming in the same direction.
I also enjoyed the vaporware 2002 list (@wired) mentioned in that article. Oqo made #4, congrats!

Preview of new WindowsCE smartphone @infoSync

There’s a preview of a new windowsce smartphone named n1 neonode @infoSync. Remarkable is that it is extremely small, features an integrated digicam and is not based on microsofts smartphone os, but a newly developed os based on windowsce and developed by neonode. Furthermore, it features a touchscreen, which are not supported by microsofts smartphone os.