Apple Watch Reading


The Apple Watch launched almost two weeks ago, and brought with it the expected deluge of news, reviews and opinion pieces. A few articles and videos that stood out to me:

The Verge published a beautifully designed, extensive review that I didn’t bother to read – instead I watched their excellent video review. The bit at 3:12 gives a good impression why the Apple Watch probably isn’t a more social, less isolating technology:

John Gruber also posted an interesting review, describing his experiences on a more personal level than you would normally find on a tech blog. As a watch wearer he isn’t impressed with the Apple Watch’s capabilities for telling time, but considers the taptic engine and the new ways of communication enabled by that tactility a breakthrough feature.

Finally, my favorite piece was written by Jason Kottke, who didn’t actually review the watch, but makes this pertinent observation:

In the entire history of the world, if you make it easier for people to do something compelling, people don’t do that thing less: they’ll do it more. If you give people more food, they eat it. If you make it easier to get credit, people will use it. If you add another two lanes to a traffic-clogged highway, you get a larger traffic-clogged highway. And if you put a device on their wrist that makes it easier to communicate with friends, guess what? They’re going to use the shit out of it, potentially way more than they ever used their phones.

So much for the promise of Apple Watch unshackling us from the tyranny of notifications and distractions.