Thoughts on the Apple Spring Forward Event

  • I stand by my initial impression of the Apple Watch: Shiny, but I don’t see how it would be useful to me. Poor battery life remains a dealbreaker, and in that regard I’m far more impressed by the new Pebble Time, with its color e-ink screen. I’ll take another look at the Apple Watch when they release version two some time in 2016.
  • The one thing that got me most excited at the initial Apple Watch reveal last year was force touch – pressure sensitive touch interactions which could expand the ways of interacting with touch screens. Back then I was already wondering whether we would see force touch coming to iPhones and iPads. Now that there’s a new Macbook with a force touch trackpad, as well as added support in the existing Macbook Pro line, I guess it’s safe to assume that force touch will also arrive on iPhone and iPad this year.
  • Every once in a while, Apple introduces a new computer that seems like it comes from the future. Hugely impractical given the demands of our current times, but an early manifestation of what computers will inevitably look like in a few years time. The iMac was such a computer. The original Macbook Air was such a computer. The first Retina Macbook Pro was such a computer. The new Macbook, again, is such a computer. Using a laptop with just one USB port (a new kind of USB port that’s barely in use right now at that) seems like an exercise in frustration. You won’t be able to use your USB sticks, external harddrives, external displays, SD cards etc. without using a rather ridiculous (and rather expensive) adapter. I couldn’t imagine getting any work done on this machine. And yet, it’s easy to see where they are going with this. This isn’t a laptop for geeks or power users, but I believe it is meant for personal use: The kind of laptop that follows you to your couch, your kitchen table, your bed. The kind of laptop you use for Youtube and Facebook and maybe writing a paper for college once in a while. And for that kind of usage, its lack of ports matters very little. Sure, it will still prove frustrating and unnecessarily limiting from time to time, but in due time there will be plenty of USB Type C peripherals and infrastructure, and that’s probably when I will pick one up as well. Besides, I would be very surprised if the next iteration of the new Macbook won’t come with at least two USB Type C connectors. Until then I’ll make do with my Macbook Air just fine.
  • Finally, that Apple TV announcement – rather disappointing, right? It almost seemed to me that they were teasing things to come, why else would they drag that HBO announcement into their big Apple Watch reveal? Maybe they didn’t get new hardware finished in time? Maybe the price drop is to clear inventory? We will see.