Lazy Modernism

You chose to use helvetica for Businessweek. How do you perceive and use modernism?

I chose helvetica because it felt like the wrong thing to do at the time. And because I was lazy. I am lazy. So I think in some ways I use modernism just like everyone else – lazily. I perceive modernism now (at 3:34pm on a rainy Tuesday afternoon) to be the result of design by committee, everyone trying to solve different problems, unable to agree on anything except a grudging mutual acceptance of what they hate least. An autocratic ideology where content is always king, the product is always the star, about a design system that gets out of the way. A simple, reductive form of slippery group-think. I see modernism being a fear of personality. Or rather personality that bends to the demands of the machine. Clean lines and an absence of mistakes. Tasteful and compliant. Easy to navigate. Fearful and elegant. Unarguably average. Confidentally minimal.

032c Interviews (Former) Businessweek Creative Director RICHARD TURLEY.