Maybe you’ve already seen the Phonebloks concept that’s been making the rounds for the last few days:

While I appreciate the work on a purely conceptual level and for its production values, I found the prevailing assumption that this concept is actually feasible rather depressing. Well, it’s not, as Co.Design helpfully explains. Snip from the article:

Phonebloks appeals to the many facets of the modern ego-id at once: the part of us that wants the universe to be neatly ordered and precisely aligned, the child within us that wants technology to work more like Legos, the guilt that follows from throwing hundreds of dollars of electronics away every year because they are “obsolete.” Phonebloks makes us feel good about technology, not confused, covetous or remorseful. Practicalities aside, it’s easy to see why the Phonebloks concept went viral. But the whole point is that practicalities can’t be put aside. They need to be dealt with and overcome.