Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-12-23

  • RT @tomcoates: You know this whole Mayan thing has made me think to myself that maybe ancient religions might actually be a bit full of … #
  • RT @howells: Instagram photo of Street View car: Street View photo of Instagrammar – #
  • RT @xeni: Instagram is selling your nail art & food porn pix to buy meth for Taliban abortion clinics on Mars & there’s fuck-all … #
  • I guess as long as your users are complaining about your online platform *on* your online platform you're golden. #
  • RT @dcurtis: Asked someone why he doesn't turn on battery percentage in iOS. He said, "Because it makes the battery drain faster."

    Psy … #

  • RT @GreatDismal: We quite naturally love it when we can manifest personal agency at a distance. The fun of shooting, right there. #
  • RT @GreatDismal: "Gun-agency": A gun exponentially extends personal physical agency. A force-localizer that can manifest across a room o … #