One Game Shut Down, Another Returns

Almost seven years after shutting it down, Turbine is reviving Asheron’s Call 2, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It’s currently in beta and available for free to subscribers of its predecessor, the original, still running Asheron’s Call.

I never played the game, but i’m posting this because seven years ago it got me thinking about how one might hope to preserve online worlds when they fail, concluding:

Ultimately any attempt to preserve a dying mmog is futile – perhaps you can save the game, but you can’t save the world. So the question remains: how to end a world? I’d hope in dignity and with memorable grandeur, but business interests probably render this wishful thinking.

A timely thought to revisit, as less than a week ago Glitch, an online game world, closed its doors for good, and Tiny Speck did so in a remarkably decent and considerate manner, from Stewart Butterfield’s heartfelt announcement, to reimbursing previous purchases and helping its staff find new jobs.