Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-10-07

  • RT @tomcoates: Track the amount of homophobic language on Twitter live: #
  • RT @Dick_Hogg: Hey you there. Thinking of re-tweeting another Alain de Botton quote? I don't give a fuck. I blocked him. I BLOCKED the f … #
  • RT @alaindebotton: Audience needs + originality: to survive, an artist needs 20 followers; a writer, 20,000; a newspaper, 300,000; a TV … #
  • RT @atduskgreg: Best thing I’ve learned in ages: the Micromort, a risk-measurement unit representing 1/1M chance of death
  • RT @ftrain: TIP: The word "Elsevier" is Internet jargon for "you'll never read this article." #