Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-07-22

  • RT @wasbuxton: Frustration is an indication of optimism, since it implies a belief that things can be better. A thought emerging from go … #
  • RT @mrgan: I'm excited to announce that my eternal soul has been purchased by Lucifer! His team can help me accomplish a bigger vision f … #
  • Well this seems reasonable: #
  • Prime Number Patterns: #
  • RT @cstross: Secret court order bans BBC documentary about 2011 riots — why? #
  • RT @Potentia_Space: The hyper-militarized, hyper-marketized version of London now on display is a perfect exemplar of everything that is … #
  • RT @golan: Rich Kids of Instagram: (via Garnet Hertz) #
  • Nothing compares to the sense of safety afforded by snipers and missiles on inner-city rooftops… #
  • *Olympic spirit*: Royal Navy's largest warship sails down Thames as armed forces put on show of strength for Olympics: #
  • RT @golan: Anti-cyborg hate crime? Assault on Steve Mann, wearable-tech pioneer: #
  • RT @doingitwrong: Just in time for Google Glass, wearable computing pioneer Steve Man's gear smashed at a McDonalds.
  • RT @doingitwrong: Blueprint for the post-America mega-citystates. #