Three Diagrams about Product Design

By Hugh Dubberly, Bruce Sterling and Julian Bleecker, who ponders an interesting question:

[W]hat I want to consider are the unexplored, peculiar areas that are not at the super-sweet spot there in the middle. Are these various terrains that can be explored — perhaps to shift the meaning of what is desirable, profitable and possible? Ultimately, that sweet spot in the middle has to become some sort of least common denominator. What about the impossible? Or the barely possible? Or the unprofitable, but possible and desireable? You see what I mean? How do yo get out of the rut of assuming that everything must be a product — desirable/profitable/possible — and actually innovate? Make new impossible things? Or new, weird things only desirable to 17 people?

I find it fascinating how these diagrams are losing both fidelity and detail as they’re passed along. Repurposed, boiled down to their essence.