Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-06-24

  • RT @odannyboy: What other piece of land could Larry Ellison have bought for $800m? Detroit? Most of Alabama? A few blocks in SF? A build … #
  • RT @beandog76: I'm going to invent new HTTP status codes: 508 NOT MY FAULT and 208 WORKS FOR ME #
  • RT @sampsonian: Ryanair exhibit A. Looked up fare yesterday, total £123.00. Returned today and fare is £237.00. Flushed cookies. Fare ba … #
  • RT @benhammersley: Launch a product in the middle of the night, without a price or availability date, but with a choice of chipsets. Mar … #
  • RT @Cabel: When my phone was stolen in SF last year, they immediately powered it down to stop Find My iPhone. Settings idea: "Shutdown R … #
  • So here's a crazy thought: what if MS stops licensing windows and starts building its own boxes? Implausible, yes, but interesting to ponder #
  • RT @gruber: Sinofsky: “Now let me talk about availability and pricing.”

    Translation: “We’re not talking about price or availability.” #

  • It is indeed the age of vertically integrated stacks. I really like what MS is doing lately with Xbox and Surface. #
  • RT @mikekuniavsky: Sony's idea for what to do with their "Smart Tag" RFID tags is to use them as macros. See the Using section here: htt … #
  • RT @benhammersley: "If we can't penetrate it, we'll disrupt it," says the man needing either funding or therapy. #
  • RT @marksiegal: Someday I hope to make an app that's awesome enough to get sherlocked. Twice. For the same app.

    /cc @instapaper #

  • Folding UI transitions seem to be a new big thing: #
  • RT @doingitwrong: An iOS 6 transit app that gives you directions for LA's long lost streetcars. #
  • RT @doingitwrong: An iOS 6 transit app that gives you directions for proposed but never built utopian networks. #
  • RT @doingitwrong: A psychogeography map linked straight into the iOS 6 transit API. A map to the fey borderlands, updated in unreal time. #
  • RT @doingitwrong: !!! @robinsloan points out that Apple delegating public transit to 3rd parties in iOS 6 means map directions can be ab … #
  • RT @alaindebotton: Much of the art of living is about arranging inner thoughts to ensure there is always something to look forward to. #