Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-04-15

  • RT @seb_sears: Perhaps the best BBC News caption you will ever, ever see #
  • RT @tomcoates: If I worked at Apple, I'd go around favouriting people's tweets about future Apple products, just to fuck with people. #
  • RT @marcoarment: Never get any work done on your house.

    Making decisions and babysitting contractors has been my full-time job for months. #

  • RT @jkolko: Sony lost 6.4 instagrams last year! #
  • RT @Mike_FTW: “In terms of user experience, Facebook is like an NYPD police van crashing into an IKEA, forever.” Fucking @ftrain. http:/ … #
  • RT @LenKendall: Facebook's next acquisitions will be Pantone, Muji and Moleskine, thus completing Operation Infuriate Hipster. #
  • RT @Mike_FTW: Jesus only had 12 followers. #