Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-04-08

  • RT @transarchitect: Bureaucracy is the art of making the possible impossible. #
  • RT @genebecker: As usual, revolutionary new ideas in computing have a 20+ year history (cf. Internet, tablets, AR, agents, context, wear … #
  • RT @marcoarment: Gotta hand it to Chase's iOS app for having this great dialog: #
  • RT @quinnnorton: Also, suicide not only kills more people than terrorism, it kills more than war. Misery should be a safety priority! An … #
  • RT @tomcoates: One of the hardest things to remember when designing for the iPhone is that whenever you do a search, half the screen rea … #
  • RT @Mike_FTW: Happy Good Friday, everybody! It’s almost the weekend. Hang in there! #
  • RT @ev: Clay Shirky: “But now it is an act of significant discipline to say, 'I’m going to stare out the window.'” #
  • RT @wmmna: i'm sad, outraged, disgusted: Netherlands Media Art Institute closes end of 2012 #
  • RT @agpublic: RT @ReynerBanham: “And the future? Not so much cancelled as postponed while coping with the present.” #
  • RT @rafeco: Checking in broken code is a great way to meet new people in the office. #
  • FF XIII-2 characters model for Prada: #