Twitter Digest for Week Ending 2012-03-18

  • RT @Mike_FTW: Today was a great day to keep your mouth shut. #
  • I guess i'm just disappointed in mass media and public opinion building in general… #
  • … now i think the same about the initial public reactions to the "This American Life" / Daisey redaction. #
  • I thought the media portrayal of Apple responsible for terrible manufacturing conditions in China was limited in perspective… #
  • RT @jessicadelfino: Saw a girl running and smoking at the same time. Some people just have life all figured out. #
  • RT @paleofuture: "What makes this a little complicated is that the things Daisey lied about seeing are things that have actually happene … #
  • RT @kellan: It is one of the stranger choices we make as a society: that activists must be perfect, but everyone else can be quietly, de … #
  • Don't worry, that doesn't mean i'll share all of them. #
  • The past few months i seem to have suffered from a peculiar form of writers block. Now i can't stop the words from spilling onto my screen. #
  • I just wrote a thousand words about text highlighting in iBooks 2.1: Feels good to do some writing for pleasure again. #
  • RT @danbenjamin: My FedEx guy: "We had 380,000 come through Memphis, 2,800 at the local office, I've delivered about 300, and EVERYBODY … #
  • I hate it when they use Marimba as Hank's ringtone on Californication… Always feels like my morning alarm going off. #