Why Path added sleeping as one of its five moment types

Dave Morin, Path’s CEO, on Quora:

3 reasons:

First, we are now in the Post-PC, Mobile era. In the PC era we would often ask: are you online or offline? In the Mobile era this is no longer the case. You are simply sleeping or awake.

Second, because we now carry our mobile devices everywhere, they have become the best way to journal all of the important personal information from our lives. There is a trend around personal health applications which help you live healthier happier lives. Sleep data has been an interesting part of this trend, and something we thought would be nice to start with on Path.

Third, users tell us that they love getting our notifications during the day, but at night they would prefer if the notifications were not streaming in. Sleep also provides utility by turning off notifications while you are asleep.

We also considered adding an alarm clock, but thought it would be hard to compete with Apple’s alarm clock. However, many people are asking us for that feature so it’s something we might consider.

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