Jason Johnson, The Illogical End:

We exist in a curious state, where rules and reason underlie everything we do, but are the furthermost things from our minds, and have tenuous connections to the things that matter most, like attending a best friend’s wedding, or falling in love. In college, I fell for a blonde I met in lit class who looked like Nico, and then slowly watched as my naïve misconceptions about love slipped away. I never once considered the role of my physiology and genetic code, because they are found in an entirely different realm from the day-to-day happenings of human affairs.

The rules of the universe and the meaning of the universe are helplessly irreconcilable. While mathematics and computer science can explain all sorts of fascinating details, they can never explain why any of it matters in the first place. This is because meaning comes from culture—the human practices that people do day in and day out for no good reason. What we make of the world is ultimately determined by our familiarity with our habits.