New Neighbourtweet

This is a post i should’ve written a couple weeks ago, back when i actually made the changes described herein. Alas, i was very busy back then, so i guess it’s better late than never…

Some time ago, back in 2009, i built Neighbourtweet (the original version is still available here), a simple prototype of a Twitter client that shows you tweets from around your current location. It requires minimal interaction and runs completely in your browser. It’s meant to work as an ambient display that you launch and keep running in the background, offering brief glimpses of what people in your vicinity are tweeting about.

Then about a year later i came across Dextr, a clever little Twitter client for ambient screens. When i saw this it was immediately obvious that Neighourtweet should’ve looked similar to Dextr to make it more glanceable. So a few weeks ago i finally managed to redesign Neighbourtweet.

It now works much better as an ambient information display. You can simply put it on a second screen if you’re running a multi-monitor setup:

Or you can launch it on iPad (hint: it’s web app capable, so don’t forget to add it to your homescreen) and put it in your living room:

It should also work reasonably well on iPhone, even though its primarily intended for larger screens. Anyway. I hope you like it.