Vienna Travel Time Metro Map

Over the last two weekends i built an isochronic Vienna Travel Time Metro Map, inspired by and based on the source code of Tom Carden’s wonderful London Travel Time Tube Map.

It’s built in Processing using Tom Carden’s original Processing sketch with a few minor changes, additions and (hopefully) improvements, tediously hand-scraped geolocation data (in the middle of the night, using Simon Willison’s getlatlon tool) and timetable information from Horst Prillinger’s comprehensive Vienna Metro website. Another source of inspiration was The Real Underground, a visualization that contrasts the schematic London tube map with its geographic reality. I briefly tried porting the sketch to processing.js but quickly gave up and decided to focus on polishing what was already working instead of spending my time on debugging. Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the six newest U2 subway stations are missing: I couldn’t find them on Google Maps when i collected the data, i’ll add them at some later point.

But enough with the background info, go play! If you like this, it would be nice of you to tell your friends about it.