The Social Web of Things

That’s how Ericsson envisions the Social Web of Things. (via)

On the one hand, i appreciate how playful and humane these smart devices are. Of course playful and humane can easily backfire (think Clippy), but for a 4-minute piece of polished design fiction it works rather well.

On the other hand, i’m astonished how little these smart, networked devices actually do (or rather accomplish) for their owner in this video. By the end of it they haven’t really done anything aside from ordering chinese food – i could easily do that myself from the car with a short phone call. Massive amounts of sensors, processing power and networking infrastructure that amount to barely anything. Granted, that’s as much (if not more) a failure of the script as the underlying design concept, but still – it strikes me as odd for a visionary high concept piece.
It’s like an ecology of smart, interconnected devices that doesn’t do anything useful. Apparently the Social Web of Things is pretty much what you’d expect Facebook for the Internet of Things to look like…