Time-shifted Reading Habits

The Read It Later blog offers a fascinating look at how reading times shift across different devices. Most iPad reading is done in the evening and iPad readers don’t read on their computers anymore.

I find this observation interesting:

Printed media used to allow us to read in the places we found most comfortable. When you imagine yourself reading the newspaper it’s probably in your favorite chair, at the breakfast table, or at the cafe with an orange mocha frappuccino in your hand.
Unfortunately, as news and media moves online, it moves us away from these places and into our desk chairs.

Maybe that’s why i value my iPad so much, because i’ve always done a disproportionate amount of reading on screens, and the PC screens on our desks are indeed rather terrible for relaxed reading.

I faintly remember reading about similar statistics sometime last year, probably originating from the BBC but mentioned in passing by someone else, where they also observed that people predominantly use their iPads in the primetime evening spot. Unfortunately i can’t find the source for that…