The Reality of Inception

Fantastic presentation by Aza Raskin on implanting memories in people’s heads:

Keynote for the John Seely Brown Symposium at University of Michigan from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

The scary part starts around minute 31, but you should probably watch the whole thing for the build up.


When people want to know how the media business will deal with the Internet, the best way to begin to understand the sweeping changes is to recognize that the consumer of entertainment and information is now in the center. That center changes everything. It changes your concept of space, time and location. It changes your sense of community. It changes the way you view the information, news and data coming directly to you.

A Technology World That Revolves Around Me –

My little piece of Privacy

My little piece of Privacy by Niklas Roy:

My workshop is located in an old storefront with a big window facing towards the street. In an attempt to create more privacy inside, I’ve decided to install a small but smart curtain in that window. The curtain is smaller than the window, but an additional surveillance camera and an old laptop provide it with intelligence: The computer sees the pedestrians and locates them. With a motor attached, it positions the curtain exactly where the pedestrians are.

Includes source code, plans and schematics to build your own.
Niklas Roy is also the creator of WIA WIA, one of my favorite exhibition pieces at last year’s Ars Electronica festival.

Dan Saffer on User Experience

What is User Experience? Well, there’s a lot of different ways of thinking about it…User Experience for me is kind of the overall picture, what used to be called “creative direction” is now called User Experience, because it contains everything from architecture to industrial design to visual design to interactive design to sound design. A very kind of holistic umbrella term that encompasses all of those things under it.

All those disciplines to me are in service to an overall experience. To me there aren’t very many actual user experience designers. There are people who are doing different disciplines sometimes at different times under this user experience banner.

Dan Saffer: The Want Interview | Want Magazine

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Triple Town

Danc on their release of Triple Town, one of the first indie games on the Kindle, with some great game design advice:

To my knowledge, this is the first indie title publicly available on the Kindle. An industry first, low dev costs, high potential payoff and a chance to try out an original game idea. What more could you ask for?

There are many design lessons, but I’ll focus on three:

  • Evergreen designs are not puzzles
  • Reinvent old genres from the root
  • Create better games faster by killing visual and technological crutches.

The game looks great, i hope it’ll make the jump to iOS sooner than later.

So You Want To Be A Designer

Aza Raskin:

Our identity crisis means learning our field is like trying to inhabit the mind of a multiple personality disorder sufferer. For an aspiring interaction designer, figuring it all out is daunting. For anyone, it’s daunting.

This is my top-five list of what I’ve found to be most important to do and master if you want to get into design.

What you should know: Negotiation, cognitive psychology, programming, graphic design. What you should do: Create, create, create. Good advice.