Arron La shares some interesting revenue numbers for his Android application Advanced Task Manager. Very interesting, he seems to be doing quite alright.


In a viral campaign – as in the general movement of ideas and memes around the Net – the audience is also the medium. We are that through which memes move.

- David Weinberger

I could really use a place where i can collect quotes and citations. They don’t quite seem right to put up here, but i wouldn’t know where else to put them. Something like Delicious, but more specifically geared towards collecting quotes. Anyone know of a service like this?

The Magic Of One-Click

Peter Merholz of Adaptive Path on the magic of one-click:

[O]ne of our realizations is that, when it comes to media, most people are very very lazy. Awe-inspiringly lazy. I was stunned at, in a world of DVRs and streaming media, how many people still just plop down on their couch, point a remote at their teevee, and browse whatever is on.

And I realized that, if you could just give people a magic button, and they pressed it once, and stuff they liked just started appearing before them, they’d be ecstatic.