iPad First?

Cameron Moll on the Mobile Web vs. the Objective-C Web:

At one point in time, J2ME (now Java ME) and WAP were the starting points for a discussion on mobile strategy and the web. Then, for a brief period of time, you talked about HTML/CSS. Now, for a growing majority of mobile strategies that don’t require a global presence on widely varying devices, the discussion begins with iPhone. Smart client is now iPhone app, and in many cases, the app is primary to the experience, not secondary to the browser. And iPad app may soon replace iPhone app as the starting point.

Luke Wroblewski at An Event Apart Seattle, in his talk “Mobile First”:

Web products should be designed for mobile first (even if no mobile version is planned). Over time, designing for the desktop web first will become a backwards way of doing things.

And then, a few days ago, Information Architects in an insightful article on Designing for iPad:

We found that the iPad applications we designed, made it relatively easy to be translated back into websites. iPad could prove to be a wonderful blue print to design web sites and applications. If it works on the iPad, with a few tweaks, it will work on a laptop.