In-depth comparison of iPhone and Android keyboards

Lukas Mathis posted an amazingly detailed comparison of the iPhone and Android virtual keyboards.
I’ve used both an iPhone (for about 13 months) and an HTC Magic with Android (for about 2 months) and i feel that i need to step up in Android’s defense: in my opinion the Android keyboard really isn’t as much worse than the iPhone’s as the article suggests. Text entry on the HTC Magic is indeed inferior to the iPhone, but not so much for the reasons described in the article, but rather because the HTC Magic’s touchscreen seems far less responsive than the iPhone screen and in my experience quite often doesn’t register a touch. The problem seems especially bad close to the edge of the screen. The lack of touchscreen responsiveness might be more of a software than a hardware problem, so maybe it’ll be fixed some time. It’s probably also related to the lack of multitouch, because you need to have lifted your finger before typing another letter when typing with 2 hands. Aside from this issue, the narrow space bar on the Android keyboard annoys me by far the most with the Android keyboard – unfortunately one typically uses the space bar a lot when entering text.
Interestingly, my first impression of the Android keyboard was that it’s actually slightly better than the iPhone’s, though that impression might have been influenced by my low expectations which were easily exceeded when i actually used the phone. I now believe that the iPhone keyboard is superior, but i’ve heard from other people that they actually prefer the Android onscreen keyboard, so i suppose it’s mostly a matter of taste.
It would be interesting to extend this in-depth comparison to other Android onscreen keyboards, such as HTC’s new keyboard on the Hero.