Someone Comes… for your crappy phone browser

Cory Doctorow’s third novel someone comes to town, someone leaves town came out a few days ago and once again it’s available under a (very liberal) creative commons license. I’ve been looking forward to this and i really like reading ebooks, but my current motophone makes for a very poor ebook-platform, no way to install decent reader software and the browser just barely handles xhtml pages up to a size of about 5kb. So i wrote a simple php-script, converted the txt-version of Cory’s book into a bunch of tiny html-chunks and threw them on my server for out and about phone-browser-consumption.
And because there shouldn’t be any problem with making this public thanks to the cc-license and it’s up here for my own perusal anyway, i figured i might as well share this with the rest of the world: someone comes to town, someone leaves town spread out over 145 tiny html pages so that your (and my) crappy phone browser can handle it (only the download version available now, see below). The first few pages are just the license, the real action starts on page 8. It’s far from perfect with wonky character-encoding here and there but appears to be sufficiently readable on my motorola e1000. Don’t count on this staying here forever, it might move or disappear entirely at some point in the future.
If you’d rather put this on your own server or just want your own copy for whatever other reason, here’s a zip-archive with all 145 html files (~330kb). Let me know if you have any problems with this and i’ll try to fix them.