Reboot7 first day, first half

Reboot is great so far, the thursday meetup yesterday was a lot of fun, met some great people. The program is packed so time for writing is scarce, but i’ll try to more or less keep up. Doc Searls‘ keynote was great (feels funny writing about someone who’s sitting right in front of you), Scoble‘s part was somewhat overshadowed by Ben Hammersley (aka TheAntiScoble) heckling him on irc. Doc Searl’s talked about how damaging the word “like” is to language (among other things), which reminded me of this post at language log. Ever since reading it the phrase “if you will” makes me chuckle.
I really liked Jason Calacanis‘ presentation. He talked about how he found himself thinking that he’d been holding back his best people as an editor once he saw them succeed with their own blogging endeavors and talked about the direct correlation between success and the amount of legal threats you receive. I also really liked his approach in dealing with annoying, stupid lawyers: just hang up on them and don’t make the mistake of telling them before that you’re going to do so.
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