Marshall’s Web Tool Blog

A while back i wrote about my needs for a collaborative writing tool and Marshall Kirkpatrick left a comment with a pointer to his site asking for feedback on his comparative wiki review. If there’s one thing we could use more of on the web, it’s comparative reviews because most people just stick with what they know and don’t bother much with alternatives. Unfortunately, regarding wikis i’m in this camp and therefore couldn’t provide any meaningful feedback. My own experience with wikis is mostly limited to single-use, local setups for personal notetaking, not so much collaboration, but perhaps you’re a little more proficient in this area and would like to head over Marshall’s site and contribute.
As for the project discussed in my previous post: it didn’t go very well. When you receive change requests via e-mail for the wiki, things aren’t going in the right direction. In the end i’ve been the only one ever working on the wiki and the team soon returned to e-mailing word documents back and forth, which in and of itself is bad enough, but the fact that i don’t have word installed made it even worse. If you’re struggling with a similar problem and are more dedicated to getting your wiki going, you might want to read Marshall’s wiki training talking points, an interesting primer written in an approachable style found throughout the site.