The weekly feedcycle

I wouldn’t dare wasting your time with this post on a weekday, but somehow i see it fit posting this on a sunday:
I usually start mondays with a clean slate in my feed-reader, no unread posts left, mostly based on two grounds: weekends afford a lot of spare time to catch up, and posting frequency hits rock-bottom on sundays. Major news outlets lie quiet, bloggers scale down their output, things come to a halt.
After a rapid uptake on mondays, i’m usually totally swamped with unread posts by wednesday or thursday. Around this time i just surrender to the incoming stream of words and start anticipating saturday, when all winds down for the great sunday hiatus.
Now the problem lies in those fickle two or three days before the weekend: i’m overwhelmed, feel out of control, ponder unsubscribing from a bunch of feeds but then retract from such a drastic step simply because i know i’d lack occupation and entertainment the following sunday.
Even worse, i feel disconnected, behind the curve, out-of-sync with the rest of the world. Getting your news two days late, what a drama! This medium is about immediacy after all, if i wanted delays i could subscribe to a newspaper!
It sure would do me some good to drop this nasty habit of finishing any post i started reading, even if it’s of low relevancy or interest. Reading the last sentence i almost wish you didn’t make it down here.