WordPress Heat Map v1.1 update

Update 05/05/14: There’s a new dedicated projects page for the WordPress Heat Map plugin where all further development will proceed. Please refer to this page for information about this plugin in the future.

A change to the function call for get_category_link() messed up my wordpress heat map plugin so that it wasn’t compatible with wordpress v1.5 anymore. Many thanks to Tyler Brekko who pointed this out to me and tracked the cause of the error.
WordPress Heat Map v1.1 should fix any troubles with nightly builds released after feb 14th and it’s been tested to work with WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn”. This version won’t work with WordPress 1.2 “Mingus” or older nightly builds any longer, so if you’re still using that, please grab a copy of v1.0 of this plugin. Both v1.1 and v1.0 of this plugin are functionally the same.
Please check the projects page for the most recent download links.