New haircut & appreciative words for GMBHaar

After struggling literally for months picking a salon i finally had my hair done today. Having ranted far too much about the difficulty in finding the right place i figured i might as well write a few words about it.
I ended up going to gmbhaar (obnoxious background music on their site, whoever came up with embedded music on websites should burn in hell for all eternity), to be precise their salon on margaretenstraße in 1040. Apparently being the only person insane enough to leave the house for a hairjob after >30cm snow had fallen over night, i didn’t end up waiting even without a reservation. The place is quite nice with its pepped-up retro look and decent music blasting out of a 4g ipod – good taste in music and personal audio equipment goes a long way in my book.
My hairdresser was the nicest and most attentive person to ever have taken care of my hair so far. It felt like she really cared about making this a pleasurable experience, not just getting the job done, with elaborate counseling and paying a lot of attention to details. I’m very satisfied and feedback on the new cut has been wholly positive so far, but judge by yourself, i just uploaded two quickcamphone pics to flickr.
All things considered i can wholeheartedly recommend gmbhaar if you’re on the lookout for a nice & friendly hairstudio in vienna. Plus they’re open from 10am to 9pm which should accommodate even the most demanding schedules.