Putting stuff online

There have been three interesting services/applications sitting in my bookmarks for the last six weeks that i wanted to write about, but somehow never came around to. Now that i’m cleaning out my temp-bookmarks, slowly migrating them to del.icio.us, it’s time to get this post written, so stay with me if this isn’t exactly fresh anymore.
All three services/apps have one thing in common: they strive to make it as easy and painless as possible to put stuff online. The first of the three, which is my personal favorite for it’s simplicity and elegance, is pasta, a “plain text pasting service for del.icio.us”. Dump something into the textfield (100k max, 10 times a day max), hit submit, and it’ll create a page like this one and auto-post your page to del.icio.us. What i like about this service is that it ties in nicely with the existing filing/sharing/disseminating infrastructure provided by del.icio.us, it’s as easy to use as writing/copy-pasting and it’s incredibly open. It allows anyone to put his words online with practically no barrier and you could do some incredibly interesting stuff with this kind of service that most likely not even its creator expected. Possibly my favorite new service of the last six months.
The second is the publisher, an application provided by creative commons and based on the internet archive’s “generous offer to host Creative Commons licensed (audio and video) files for free”. It’s a drag-and-drop application that auto-licenses your files and uploads them to archive.org for free hosting. If you’re an artist who wants to distribute his works under a creative commons license, this is a killer-app. You won’t have to struggle with hosting, you won’t get in trouble if your stuff gets too popular to pay for traffic, you don’t need too much technical expertise. Don’t waste your brain cycles on distribution, just get creative.
The third is blogtorrent which tries to make the ingenious bittorrent protocol accessible to the masses. Bittorrent is imho the most exciting p2p application since napster and has the potential to load-balance traffic on the net in a way to possibly allow anyone to distribute large amounts of data without getting overwhelmed by traffic bills.
It’s never been easier or cheaper to put your stuff online.