Favourite Tiger Coverage

With wwdc being totally last month, this comes a bit late. I wonder if i’ll ever come around to write something, i’ve been planning to do so for several weeks now, but haven’t even started drafting something. But at least i can post my favourite previews, roundups and opinions.
First, of course, apples official tiger preview page. You’ve certainly seen it already, but if not, go there. They even have nifty videos of some new features.
My favourite roundups are those at quarter life crisis and irate scotsman. John gruber of daring fireball shares his opinions about spotlight and dashboard in two pieces. Codepoetry offers some insights on tiger for developers.
And then there’s an article @wired which suggests third-party apps similar to some upcoming tiger features. Imho they’re quite off the track here (imho, spotlight != (launchbar | quicksilver); dashboard != konfabulator) but it’s still a decent read.
Update: i don’t know how i could forget the coverage @appleinsider and @thinksecret. Appleinsider has a tiger overview and articles about safari 2.0, mail 2.0 and a minor ical upgrade, thinksecret reported about spotlight, dashboard and the new finder and system preferences.