Don’t play with trackbacks late at night

So i just finished this rather long post about linklogs and wordpress and wanted to trackback the linked posts by matt mullenweg, markku seguerra and adam gessaman but guess what: the idiot i am and the late hour it is i tried to trackback the permalink urls rather than the trackback urls. Why those have to be different is beyond me (and no, i don’t know any implementation details). If nothing appears in their comment section until tomorrow morning i’ll try to trackback them then. Lesson learnt: don’t play with trackbacks late at night.
Update: i swear to god, i’ll never use trackbacks again. Now i’ve trackbacked the linked posts from this post! Please take my apology if i cause any trouble. Lesson learnt: don’t play with trackbacks early in the morning (and yes, 3 p.m. is early in the morning by my standards).