It dawned on my that my recent post about finder/iapps integration was rather vague and a bit misleading. I certainly don’t hope that the finder takes the explorer “one app fits all” approach. But as some people in the linked apple insider forum thread stated, iphoto and itunes offer some great features to display and access your music/photos. I don’t want iphoto fully integrated into finder, but scalable live pic preview would be great, as would be the id3-info of mp3-files.


iPod line-in recording?

Rumor has it that the next generation ipod will deal with a little pet peeve of mine, encoding capability which also suggests line-in recording. Unless apple decides to cripple that feature, that is.
Completely offtopic and as a personal reminder: i’d love to see engadget be proven wrong on this one:

We’re not going to bother posting or linking to that photo of the “Treo 660” that’s going around. It’s obviously a fake, and not even a very good one at that.

Mac OS X system & software stuff

I finally returned to the appleinsider forums yesterday night when i couldn’t sleep (great place to waste your time) and came across this post: a reason why mac os x panthers finder is brushed metal in which there’s some speculation that it might be a clue that eventually some apps which are used for management of your data (like itunes and iphoto) will be integrated with the finder. I had exactly the same thought before on the same day. I had the idea when browsing a directory of images, incidentally the first time i missed a win xp feature, the image preview. All the images were of temporary importance and therefore i didn’t bother to import them into iphoto to save me the hassle of getting rid of them afterwards again, so i opened them one by one in preview. This, of course, sucked. My main grief with the current set of iApps is that they are terribly bad at handling temporary or disposable files. I let itunes manage my music library because it’s doing a great job, but i don’t dare opening some short sound clips i just downloaded for a quick listen in itunes because it’ll import it into my library. If i wanted to delete the file afterwards i would have to delete the actual file i downloaded, plus the copy in my itunes library, therefore i usually just open those files with vlc. Tighter integration of the iApps into mac os x’s finder would be a great and elegant solution for the problem.
The second interesting thread showed some concept mock-ups of dock piles. Looks very cool, i want those. Also, check out this demo of an afaik older and abandoned piles feature. Looks quite interesting, too.
Then there’s this thread about an alternate expose show desktop effect. Nice to try, but i prefer the default behaviour. Offers some insight into earlier expose concepts.
Finally, from the cool apps department and also via a pointer from the appleinsider forums: shiira, a webkit based, opensource browser made in japan. I’m currently typing this post in it, and even though it’s not quite ready for primetime yet, it’s promising. It feels a little faster than safari and got some quite nice interface ideas, but it’s still a little rough around the edges. Give it some time and it might become another viable mac os x browser alternative. It can even share bookmarks with safari, making migration very fast and convenient.

Template hackery

Just spent the last 6-or-so hours hacking away on the templates and i think i made some very nice progress. Things should be up-to-date now (the last template was still very .72ish). Besides including those handy “edit this” links in the template which should make administering this site a lot easier, i streamlined the menu bar a little, incorporated matt mullenwegs asides hack, ironed out some problems with the “next/previous page” links, added those nifty looking » to linklog entries, updated the rewrite engine for even nicer urls (e.g. for syndication feeds) and added trackback displaying to the permalink pages. Best of all, despite all changes the site still validates as xhtml and css, yeh! The site feels a lot more polished now, so i guess it was worth the headache i suffer from now. More refinements ahead, i got a long to-do list of little tweaks, but those are rather css- than template-related.
I should really stop this annoying redesign-blogging before i lose the few readers i have…

WordPress 1.2 released

WordPress 1.2 has been released today and i already upgraded. I kinda rushed through the upgrade, but things appear to work quite well. Template and style are still the same as before, though i plan to get them up-to-date and refine them asap. The new admin interface looks great, it’ll take some time to get used to the new placement of some ui elements, but overall it appears much more polished and concise. The only thing i don’t like so far is their simplified blog-by-mail feature, i think it’s far too insecure. I wouldn’t be surprised if e-mail spam appeared on the site if you used this. I’m not sure if the old authentication based method is still available.
The first improvement i noticed is that <pre>-tags work properly now. Nice to have this fixed one day after it gave me a hard time… Now back to fiddling with my new shiny toy.

Save & Restore Safari Sessions

Update 16.06.2010: This is still getting a lot of hits from Google, so here’s another update: You can easily restore your previous Safari sessions by selecting “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” in the “History” menu. There’s also a new extension for Safari 5 that will automatically restore your previous browsing session.

The information below is hopelessly out of date, so please feel free to ignore it.

Update 23.12.2006: ForgetMeNot is a plugin that saves and restores your tabs when you quit and restart safari. Works well for me.

Update 02.07.2005: This script will no longer work in safari v2.0 and possibly also not in safari v1.3. There’s still some activity at this mac os x hints article, you might want to try some of the scripts posted in the comments there. If you’re really interested in saving and restoring safari sessions i’d recommend saft, a for-pay safari extension that’ll add full session support (among many other nifty features) to safari.

A while back, john gruber posted some applescripts to save and restore safari sessions. Back when i was on windows and used firefox i used session saver as mentioned before, which pretty much offers the same functionality and a little more (it also remembers your opened tabs when you quit firefox and restores them when the browser’s restarted). I was really looking forward to these scripts, until i realized that it doesn’t fit my needs.
The problem is that these scripts don’t work with tabs. If you’ve more than one tab open and use “save safari urls” it’ll only save the currently selected tab. With googles goodwill i found this hint which is based on john grubers scripts. Just the thing i needed, except that it doesn’t remember pages in windows where no other tabs are open. So with some copy & paste and little original work i created the following save session script which serves my purposes quite well. Here’s the download link: Safari Session Saver.
As for restore session, i use the script by john gruber which works just fine for me.
Save session will save all tabs in all open windows in a text file. Restore session will reload all urls stored in that text file in its own tab, however in one single window.
As for known issues, there’re two i’m aware of: save session can only handle the tabs you can actually see, not those hidden behind the “»”-button. No big problem for me, but you might want to investigate the aforementioned macosxhints post for a possible solution. The other one is that the script won’t work correctly if safaris download manager is open – quite bad, but i have no idea how to fix that.

Don’t play with trackbacks late at night

So i just finished this rather long post about linklogs and wordpress and wanted to trackback the linked posts by matt mullenweg, markku seguerra and adam gessaman but guess what: the idiot i am and the late hour it is i tried to trackback the permalink urls rather than the trackback urls. Why those have to be different is beyond me (and no, i don’t know any implementation details). If nothing appears in their comment section until tomorrow morning i’ll try to trackback them then. Lesson learnt: don’t play with trackbacks late at night.
Update: i swear to god, i’ll never use trackbacks again. Now i’ve trackbacked the linked posts from this post! Please take my apology if i cause any trouble. Lesson learnt: don’t play with trackbacks early in the morning (and yes, 3 p.m. is early in the morning by my standards).

Linklogs and WordPress

So the cool thing to do if you’re a wordpress user these days (and i read more and more people are switching) is to set-up a linklog, something along the lines of kottkes remaindered links or anil dashs daily links. It’s just that there’s no built-in mechanism in wordpress for handling those linklogs. Sure, there’s the link manager, but that one’s actually meant to handle your blogroll, certainly not archived links of temporary importance (believe me on this one, i tried it and things got ugly pretty fast). Continue reading Linklogs and WordPress

Series 60 UMTS phone

Now this is exactly the thing i’ve been waiting for: a series 60 umts phone by nokia. Not that the a835 is too bad, but i seriously miss a lot of stuff from my old nokia 7650, primarily the ebook reader. I would’ve settled for a se z1010 but this looks even better (except for the looks of it, sadly). Did i mention that it got an integrated megapixel cam?