iTunes 4.5

Everyone’s talking about itunes 4.5, primarily changes in drm limitations and itms integration. I just installed today, i’m somewhat hesitant to upgrade apple software instantly cause it looks like they have some serious problems with their qa. As two recent examples come airport 3.4 and the latest ipod update to mind.
There’s a lot of hints, tips and reviews around the web recently, i’ll update this list with new links as i find them.


Kill Bill Vol. 1+2

There clearly were two things occupying most of my attention last week: apples announcement of new powerbooks and ibooks which triggered my ibook purchase, and lots of kill bill.
Actually i hadn’t spent much thought on kill bill vol.2 right until a friend surprised me with an invite for a kill bill double feature last wednesday as a late birthday gift. The prospect of a double feature, thus getting a chance to see vol.1 once again on the silver screen, but this time without a cliffhanger, was great.
I won’t write a review of the film here (i’m not much of a critic, but rather a “me likes/not”-person) but i can tell you that i absolutely loved it. And don’t ask “which one’s better, vol.1 or 2?”, this’s supposed to be one movie after all.
Then on saturday i picked up the kill bill vol.1 dvd. Now let me confess something: i had a bootlegged copy of vol.1 for more than six months, aquired via the usual means. After seeing the movie on the big screen i instantly fell in love with it and simply couldn’t stand the prospect of not getting a copy of it immediatly. Nonetheless i’ve watched the movie 3 times in the cinema, i’ve seen vol.2 once and will certainly watch it one or two more times, i already picked up vol.1 on dvd, will do the same with the vol.2 dvd and if there’ll be some kind of special edition coming out (and i’m certain there will be), i’ll pick that one up as well.
Give me something to love and i’ll throw my cash at you, even for all those rip-off dvd special editions, but don’t fucking waste my time with your average hollywood crap and wonder that nobody bothers to pay for it.
P.s. i recommend this flash game to get into the right mood for kill bill.

Now shipping

Ibook picked up at 2.05am gmt in taipei today. Hopefully it’ll be here next week. Oddly enough i couldn’t reach the tracking page this afternoon, but now it works again…

Prototyping, Prada & Dilbert

This post has been locked in my newsreader for more than two weeks, so now’s as good a time to get this out as any: prada epicenter revisited via matt jones. I first read about this concept store a few years ago on ideos site (their lovely feature is still online) and was especially impressed by the dressing rooms and the “video-based magic mirror” (though i wonder how many people aren’t comfortable with the idea of video cameras in dressing rooms). Apparently turned out as a disaster, however.
And while i’m at the topic of ideo, also check out their “dilbert’s ultimate cubicle, the most lovable cubicle i’ve ever seen.


I just placed an order for a 12″ ibook g4 after torturing everyone i met for two days with my insecurity wether to go for an ibook or a powerbook. It’s a sweet package with the following specs:

  • 12,1″ TFT-Screen
  • 1GHz PowerPC G4
  • 512MB DDR266 SDRAM
  • 40GB Ultra ATA-HDD
  • Bluetooth
  • AirPort Extreme

Euro 1416,38 after educational rebate, a decent price i think. Overall it’s the smallest, lightest and cheapest notebook i ever bought and i can’t wait to finally hold my very first mac in my hands. If everything works out as expected i should be typing away on it in two weeks. Hopefully it’ll serve me well over the next few years. More on this later, but now i’m just too excited.

A9, a quick benchmark

A9, amazons new search service, went public beta recently. I first found out about it via kottke, but almost anyone in the blogosphere has chimed in by now. Apparently the big thing is that amazon broke the news via blogger john battelle rather than traditional big media.
So i thought i’ll try the ultimate personal search engine benchmark- how well do i fair in an ego-search? – and here’s the result: a search for “christoph wimmer” on google returns my site as the sixth result, the same search on a9 yields the same result. Actually the first 10 results on both search engines are exactly the same. Btw, in case you wonder, yahoo made third far off with my site not even in the top twenty. I’ll stick with google for the moment, old habits are hard to break anyway…

Shocking news! Stop the press!

Guess what? Ipod users occasionally buy new headphones when they aren’t satisfied with the supplied ones according to the wall street journal. Who would’ve thought of that? And apparently this is supposed to be some kind of problem for someone, as the headline implies.
Please pay attention to their handy “sound test”-table, briefly showcasing an apparently arbitrary collection of headphones with useful sidenotes such as

[…] come in black color, while Apple’s in-ear headphones are white and gray.

Now that’s what i call a quality sound test, thank you very much!
Nice to see some obvious facts, random quotes and a bit of cluelessness intermingled into a piece of high quality journalistic pagefiller material riding the ipod wave.

Two nights of great live hiphop

The last week brought a plethora of magnificent hiphop. Last saturday: waxolutionists album presentation @flex, with blade (of mark b and blade fame) and first rate as special guests. I once saw blade in the flex some time ago and just like the last time the crowd went totally crazy when the last track, survival of the hardest working, rolled in.
Then tonight, yarah bravo, blu rum 13, dj woody and last, certainly not least, dj vadim @kapu in linz. The location was rather small, only a room stuffed with some 150-200 people, but both atmosphere and music were great. It’s been my first time there and i regret that i didn’t check it out earlier. Could’ve made my pre-vienna years a lot more bearable.
I had almost forgotten how nice a good night with great hiphop music can be. I only heard of both gigs the evening they staged, i should keep my eyes wider open in the future.

Kinja: more than just simple aggregation?

Perhaps i was wrong with my previous criticism of kinja. Not entirely wrong, but perhaps i missed a point. I don’t know how or in which direction kinja will develop, but tom coates posted an interesting proposition: make kinja a weblog aggregator not for weblog reading (like all those aggregators out there already), but an aggregator for groupblogs, or should i say metablogs. Go read his post now, he’s explaining all this far more eloquently. Shame on me that i didn’t see the potential. It still lacks some features to serve this purpose, like multiple digests per user or rss feeds for the digests – syndicating an aggregator might seem superfluous, but is a necessary option if kinja wants to function as an aggregator on a presentational rather than consumptional level. This could become really interesting.