engadgeted.net v3.5

Today i present engadgeted v3.5. In its 16 months of existance i switched blogging software two times (from self-written to self-rewritten to wordpress) and redesigned 3 (or so) times. This time the software didn’t change too much (i just took the opportunity to upgrade to wordpress v1.0.2), but there were quite some changes under the hood and some design changes as well.
The linklog which resided in the sidebar until now and relied on an ugly, tiny script i’ve written is no more – links will from now on be managed within wordpress (internally they are treated just like regular posts) and the linklog archives have moved into the wordpress database as well. A little like kottke did with his remaindered links some time back. This has the welcome side-effect that there’s now an rss feed for the linklog. It also means that the main feed will from now on include linklog-links. If you just want my ramblings delivered to your aggregator of choice, you can find the feed here. A slightly strange side-effect: there are some few dozens of links posted in the linklog on nov 17th – that’s the day i originally started maintaining the linklog (though it wasn’t public back then) and started moving all those temporary bookmarks to my site.
I’m still not perfectly satisfied with the design, something about the spacing and typography bothers me, but i’ll look into that later. Something else i plan to include on my site later is a moblog, though i’m not sure wether to wait for wordpress 1.2 (which should be out soon) so don’t hold your breathe (i won’t).
If you have any questions, suggestions, error reports regarding the redesign, feel free to drop me a note.