MIDP Quality Control

Russell beattie thinks that “Lack of MIDP Quality Control And Standarization Sucks“. I agree. I already ran into a comparable problem, admittedly with a bug that’s fixed by now, but as i still didn’t get a firmware upgrade for my phone my midlet still doesn’t work on my phone. One more reason to not get the 6600 and wait for its successor, especially as i’m quite happy with my old 7650.


Apple/HP iPod & iTMS partnership

I just found this (via ipodhacks) and didn’t have enough time to think thorougly about it yet, but at least i know that this is huge and i like it. I’m confident that it’s a great deal for apple (and of course hp as well), however i’m not sure if this will hurt the ipod brand. And it’s of course a slap in the face for microsoft.

More miniPod controversy

More on the minipod by john gruber. And some good comments here, including a nice pricewise comparison with some competitors (the third comment).
Another point on the ipod mini that dawned on me: even though the ipod is a product of a computer manufacturer, it doesn’t compete in a market comparable to the personal computer market. Consumer electronics are not really about technical specs. It’s rather about design, brand image, how well a certain device suits my needs and of course the price. The ipod mini has a great, much more sophisticated design than the original ipod, is much smaller and therefor more portable, benefits from the strongest portable music player brand, suits most peoples (except for geeks) needs perfectly well and is cheaper than any other model in the ipod line. Sure sounds like a winner to me. Apple isn’t about the boring technical details most people don’t care about, and that’s also why i don’t think dell or any other competitor in the hdd music player market coming from a pc manufacturing background will succeed against the ipod, at least not short term.

Some thoughts on iPod mini

With the new ipod mini being quite a bit more expensive than people previously assumed due to numerous rumors there’s a lot of complaining about the pricing of the new minipod. Apparently people can’t handle their disappointment but rather feel obliged to post their personal grief in comments on as many sites as possible. Thank god there’re still some sane people on the web, and as usual, john gruber is among them:

The whole point of the iPod Mini isn’t that it’s cheaper. It’s that it’s smaller.

I didn’t believe that apple would introduce sub-$100 ipods quite long, but the early hype eventually got me. A great example of rumor sites (and big media picking up the rumors) not just spoiling, but destroying apples big news. I personaly am not disappointed, however, but glad that apple didn’t cut back but produce something that looks as if it truely deserves the apple branding (except for that color thing of course, it’ll take some time to get over that).
If i were in the market for an ipod these days, i’d seriously consider the ipod mini. It’s smaller, it looks great (though i’m still not sure wether regular or mini appeals more to me) and weighs just 104g. I couldn’t sync my whole music library with one of those, but sooner or later i won’t be able to do this with my current 15gb ipod as well, and 4gb is still plenty enough music on the road. Last not least it’s still cheaper than the current lowend model. Only time can tell wether it will be a commercial success, but i sure hope so.
Update: jason fried also thinks the ipod mini is about size, not price (via whatdoiknow).

miniPods confirmed

The official name is iPod mini. My god, they are colored, my worst fears come true! Buttons are integrated into the scroll wheel. Anodized aluminum casing. At $249 for 4gb they aren’t as cheap as most had been hoping for. At least i don’t feel like running out and buying a new ipod. Sure looks sleek, though. I bet this is what numerous sources claimed to be an apple pda prototype.
Update: apple ipod mini product pages. Also of interest: apple inear headphones. I’ll wait for a head fi review before i’ll pick those up, though.

Sometimes TV doesn’t suck

Just saw the ice storm and wonder boys on tv, both starring tobey maguire and katie holmes among others, which is some kinda weird coincidence (they didn’t run on the same station so it clearly wasn’t a tobey/katie special). I liked them quite a lot, though i think i enjoyed the ice storm a wee bit more. Especially christina ricci, who i always adored, delivered an absolutely stunning, deeply impressing performance. I’ll have to put both on my dvd wishlist, and you’re recommended to do the same if you’re into good movies (and by good i mean movies deemed good by my entirely subjective judgement of course).

Behind the facade

Though there shouldn’t be any obvious signs on the front page, some things have changed under the hood. In the past i’ve used wordpress’ linkmanager to administer the list-linkage part of the site, but it became more and more apparent that it doesn’t fit my needs at all. The linkmanager in wordpress is meant to help you build your blogroll and i can imagine that it’s quite useful for that purpose, though i don’t really know as i don’t maintain a blogroll yet and don’t intend to do so anytime soon.
While a blogroll is essentially a list of permanent bookmarks, list-linkage is what simon willison calls blogmarks, a list of temporary public bookmarks. I decided to put them on my site for two reasons: first, i thought some of them might be of interest to others, and second, i don’t know of any browser whose bookmark management handles temporary bookmarks decently. As the one main characteristic common to all blogs is usually considered the reverse-chronological ordering of entries, it appears as a natural choice to publish ones temporary bookmarks as a linklog, so list-linkage on this blog was born.
I’ve spent the evening writing a tiny script to maintain my linklog and the list-linkage is now powered by this script. It’s very untested and will most likely add some additional trouble when i upgrade my wordpress installation, but for the moment i’m quite happy with it. I plan to add more features to my linklog script like an rss feed and decent archiving, but for the moment i kinda lack the time to do that stuff. As always, if you encounter any problems, please contact me.
Plans for further improvements to the site include a moblog, adding categories, categorizing all previous posts and upgrading to wordpress 1.0. Regarding the last point i’d like to mention that the wordpress developers posted a note on the wordpress download page that due to numerous reports of problems with the current 1.0 release there are plans for a 1.0.1 release, so i’ll most likely wait for that one.
Finally a sincere recommendation: don’t try to get serious site maintenance work done on 56k.

Troubled mind

(Disclaimer: just whining, feel free to ignore this post) My box just crashed with a nice bsod on me and the system has been generally unresponsive and awkwardly slow in the last week or so, looks like it’s time for a new install. Of course i don’t have time for this right now as january will be quite busy, but having an unreliable system for my work isn’t that great either. If your mental state is closely tied to your computer it really is a bad idea to run windows on it.
And then there are the problems with wordpress 1.0. Yesterday i thought my mysql installation wasn’t working correctly, but i’m not so sure ’bout that anymore. You can read more about my problem here if you’re interested, any help much appreciated. Looks like lots of people are having trouble with this new release, perhaps it’d be best to wait for a minor revision.

WordPress 1.0 released

So wordpress 1.0 has been released with a slight delay (it was scheduled for january 1st). I wanted to upgrade today, but my local mysql installation keeps throwing errors and i’d really prefer to perform a test upgrade offline. So i’ll stay with the current version until i have time to figure things out, in the end it might be the better way to upgrade anyway, who knows which errors will arise over the next few days. Not that i expect trouble, but you know murphy’s law and stuff…