More miniPod controversy

More on the minipod by john gruber. And some good comments here, including a nice pricewise comparison with some competitors (the third comment).
Another point on the ipod mini that dawned on me: even though the ipod is a product of a computer manufacturer, it doesn’t compete in a market comparable to the personal computer market. Consumer electronics are not really about technical specs. It’s rather about design, brand image, how well a certain device suits my needs and of course the price. The ipod mini has a great, much more sophisticated design than the original ipod, is much smaller and therefor more portable, benefits from the strongest portable music player brand, suits most peoples (except for geeks) needs perfectly well and is cheaper than any other model in the ipod line. Sure sounds like a winner to me. Apple isn’t about the boring technical details most people don’t care about, and that’s also why i don’t think dell or any other competitor in the hdd music player market coming from a pc manufacturing background will succeed against the ipod, at least not short term.