Fortune telling time!

First, Brighthand’s predictions for 2003 are up! I especially like their thoughts on pocketpcs, cause i really hope their xp-instead-of-ce-predictions will come true sooner than later. If linux performs so well on xscale (as seen on sharps zaurus), why shouldn’t windows? With 400 mhz cpus, 64 mb ram and high-res screens those could place very well among the low-weight, high batterylife, ultramobile tabletpc-sector.
Second, the feature is looking ahead to 2003. Rather market-centered, but worth a read.
Third you can enjoy Mike Cane’s 2003 Palm OS Predictions @PIC. I personally only consider prediction #4, #8 and #11 realistic, but imho a true global palmos device as mentioned in #11 is not really desirable or necessary, just a waste of precious memory.
Perhaps i should boot up my crystalball, too, and share my thoughts, hopes and desires for 2003.