Is this a laptop?

Imagine that: a device with svga touchscreen (640×480), powered by linux, that weighs in at 225g and measures 120 x 83 x 18,6 mm? And all that for $700? Sounds like the perfect laptop? Perhaps, but actually it’s classified as pda, not laptop.
The device mentioned above is the sharp zaurus sl-c700, and although the device is currently only released in japan, dynamism aims to bring it to the united states within the next few weeks and with a localized os. This little gadget might show how powerful mobile computing has become over the last few years. With the power of a 400mhz xscale-cpu, a very flexible os and a weight far beyond any mininotebook-competitors (and imho, this is rather mininotebook than pda) this device could be a major threat to mininotebook and (more important) tablet-pc manufacturers, heck, even classic pc design paradigms. I really consider purchasing one, cause it’s about exactly what i was looking for and additionally, it’s highly affordable. A true roadwarriors dream-device!