Handspring quits with Graffiti

According to an article @the register handspring will exclusively use keyboards as primary method for textinput in all their future models. Furthermore, more and more other palm-licensees follow handsprings example (just consider sonys nx70v or palms tungsten w).
I personally have to say that i would miss graffiti. I really got used to that method of text-entry and imho it’s not all that bad. It works surprisingly well, makes few mistakes and is easy to learn. Of course there are downsides: compared to cellphones, pdas with handwriting-recognition can’t be operated with one hand properly, but neither modern pdas with integrated mini-keyboards. On the other hand, numberpads with t9-support are not as fast as fullsize mini- keyboards for text-entry. Mini-keyboards might be the fastest solution, but you still have to figure out where to put your stylus while using it (back into the silo, out of the silo, back into the silo,…). Furthermore, the graffiti-solution is very flexible and allows a great formfactor (like tungsten t with its hidden graffiti-area) or great screensize and -resolution (like NX70V with it’s hires+) and considering that pdas are used for information-retrieval rather than text-input most of the time, these solutions work well, imho.
However, I’m really excited about what the future holds for us, and considering that I’m going for a series60-symbian-smartphone, the future of graffiti isn’t really that important to me. But still, i would really miss it.