Finally it is done

Perhaps it’s a little late to start a weblog with weblogs poppin’ up everywhere on the net nowadays, but i’ll try to offer a good read to anyone willing to stop by.
I’ve planned to get a blog up and running for quite some time now. The first time i stumbled across a weblog that really caught my attention was someday in september this year. The site that got me was gizmodo and as you can guess by the title, this blog is aiming roughly in the same direction, but i plan to keep it a bit more personal and to include some views i consider interesting or important.
This blog is powered by a very simple script i wrote a few months ago and tweaked the last two days. I also considered using some established blog-tool, but for the moment i’ll stick with this simple software and spend some more time deciding for a particular solution (btw: my current favourite is nucleus). Currently there are no big plans for expanding my script cause i plan to change to another script sooner or later, but at least i want to add an RSS-feed to the site. Just don’t know when i’ll have the time to do that.
Just as a final note: if you consider my english poor, you’re right, but at least i got an excuse: i’m from austria and no native english-speaker, so please don’t judge me too hard, but i thought that i can reach a far bigger audience with a blog written in english. Perhaps my english will improve by the time with the extra training i get with this blog.
Thx for your attention and till the next time.