Internet Optimists vs. Pessimists

Are You An Internet Optimist or Pessimist? The Great Debate over Technology’s Impact on Society. Adam Thierer discusses two distinct approaches to understanding and debating current technological advances and gives some examples of current thought leaders who fall in one of two camps, technophiles and technophobes. Going through his list of cultural / social beliefs and economic / business beliefs, i find it interesting that i’m more of an internet pessimist where culture and society are concerned and that i’m more of an internet optimist where economy and business are concerned.

The economics of Terrorism

Both Foreign Policy and the NYTimes report on the economics of terrorism (via):

In his October 2004 address to the American people, bin Laden noted that the 9/11 attacks cost al Qaeda only a fraction of the damage inflicted upon the United States. “Al Qaeda spent $500,000 on the event,” he said, “while America in the incident and its aftermath lost – according to the lowest estimates – more than $500 billion, meaning that every dollar of al Qaeda defeated a million dollars.”

The November Reading List

Some noteworthy things i particularly enjoyed reading in November: